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The Green Connection

BBC Gardener's World Live 2016

The Green Connection

The Green Connection is about reconnecting people to their gardens for their health and wellbeing by creating functional and attractive outdoor spaces. We want to encourage people into the open air and away from technology by creating space for families to enjoy.

It is also about connecting gardens to each other to become part of a large nature reserve and offset the increasing urbanisation of our country. Our small mammals, insects and birds need us to help them survive. This is a principle that people can adopt in their gardens, whether established or on a new build housing estate.

We can add huge value to our outdoor spaces and make our gardens more than just an outdoor room, providing a haven for our families and a ‘home for nature’.

This is the future of garden design and the way forward for urban planning.

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 Jean & Alexandra would like to thank our contractor, Mike Long, Director of Genesis Landscapes, The Association of Professional Landscapers & the RSPB for endorsing our garden and all our sponsors and contributors.

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